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nedjelja, 29. svibnja 2011.

Croatian beaches, crazy summer fun

We recommend top five ranking Adriatic beaches where young people can have fun during the day and night. Crazy summer fun is the motive for the vacation of a number of European and domestic tourists under thirties or forties, here is the list of five most attractive beaches to have fun in Croatia.

Top five beaches in Croatia

Island of Pag. Zrće beach, it is known beyond our borders; plenty of fun spills over from day to night and all over again. Recently, the German newspaper Bild, comparing Ibiza and Zrće beach, Spanish destination declared -out, and Zrće -in. The beach has numerous facilities and three popular open-air clubs: Papaya, Aquarius, and Kalypso. (Youtube links: Papaya, Aquarius)

Zrće, Pag Island

Split. Bačvice beach, on this beach in the city center, which is monitored by lifeguards, events lasting for 24 hours. As darkness falls, it is enough to move the sand bars and Discos on high and fun is guaranteed. The beach is under video surveillance 24 hours.

Vodice, near Šibenik. Vodice is well known for good place to be for young people, with lot of fun, bars, cocktails, music, day and night activities on the Blue Beach.

Umag. Sol Stella Maris is a picturesque lagoon for those looking for a fun and active vacations. With a variety of sporting activities and many entertainment programs are offered, especially during the tennis tournament, when Umag becomes place of fashionable life.

Fažana, near Pula. Beach in Bi Village surrounded by pine woods and Mediterranean vegetation. Besides numerous restaurants and cafes, offer at the beach completes the sports and entertainment programs, junior-club, evening entertainment, disco...

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