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nedjelja, 29. svibnja 2011.

Croatia TakeOff with Ashley Colburn

Award winning documentary about beauty of the Republic of Croatia has sequel. Ashley Colburn, last year Emmy award winner for documentary 'Wow! Croatia' made new documentary 'Takeoff Croatia' about Croatian touristic attractions.

After shooting documentary 'Wow! Croatia' and winning Emmy award, Ashley Colburn decided to make a sequel 'Takeoff Croatia' about all touristic attractions which were not in the awarded movie. Young American and her Californian team joined fishermen's festivity, visited cathedral in Šibenik, discovered charms of beautiful Opatija, waterfalls of Krka but also participated archery competition in Varaždin and crunched grapes in Međimurje.

Author of the movie, Ashley Colburn says, this time, movie presents something new and exciting – culture, landscapes, some customs which tale place during touristic season – such as harvest and regattas. "This time I saw something more than this nice culture and customs so I decided to shoot it and show it to the people in the USA", says Ashley.

Documentary 'WOW! Croatia' by journalists Ashley Colburn and John Needen, made in organization of Croatian touristic comunity, has won a prestige Emmy award in Las Vegas.


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