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srijeda, 6. travnja 2011.

Croatian famous brands

Podravka (text from

About the company

In 1934 the Wolf brothers founded a workshop to process fruits, a predecessor of Podravka. Today, Podravka is enlisted among the leading companies of southeast, middle and east Europe. There are three business segments of the company: food, beverages and pharmaceuticals.

In our work, we are trying to balance between the economic growth, a progress of the society and the concern fo the environment and to create a perfect match of local and global. Our mission is creation of top-quality products of recognizable brands.

Quality and professional people, the high level of knowledge, especially technological, as well as corporative management, are the basic advantages of our company. Its basic values are: innovation skills, the desire for education, entrepreneurialism, ambition, the winning spirit, team work and professionalism.

With numerous created brands as well as many received awards and acknowledgements for a wide variety of business activity, we consider the loyalty of our consumers as the biggest success of Podravka. We are different from other companies because we understand their needs, becuse we have high quality products and because we adjust very successfully to the growing demands of the market.

In Podravka we run business according to the principles of sustainable growth. With its products, Podravka has been constantly increasing its value. While doing that, we use less resources and we make less waste, and we are especially taking care of environment preservation and the development of the environment and the society and we are extremely sensitive to their needs and we support them through our acitvities. Podravka is also characterized by its involvement in the life processes of their employees and the entire community respectively.

Numerous consumers in more than 40 countries throughout the world have recognized the value of Podravka and its products and they have put their trust to them.


Podravka products are of high quality, practical and safe. Using the advantages of global and local, they are adjusted to the national cuisines, nurturing the specifics of local flavour.

Respecting the fact that a right and quality food is essential for a healthy and good life, the Podravka Brands are a result of long-time tradition, knowledge and concern for the consumers' well-being. Podravka is always young and flexible. It readily adjusts to the market regularities. It strives to satisfy more sofisticated demands of the consumers and to meet their specific demands.

Podravka Products are the result of selected and high quality raw materials, knowledge and modern technological processes with the intention of preserving healthy nutrients of the food.

Products are characterized by quick and simple preparation which contributes to the easier need for food. In that way, the consumers have more time for themselves and their families.

The most famous Podravka Brands are: Vegeta, Podravka soups, Lino, Čokolino, Fant, Eva, Dolcela, Fini-Mini, Talianetta, Kviki, Studena, Studenac and many others.

All products are classified according to the regulation about classification of the Republic of Croatia, EU and the countries that the company works with. The packaging has truthful, complete, clear and unambiguous information about the product. A special care is devoted to ingredients classification of products which cause allergies or intolerance with some consumer groups.

Only quality and healthy food will meet the demands of the body for energy and the necessary quantity of nutritive and protective substances. Podravka is always keeping that in mind!

© Podravka d.d.

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