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srijeda, 30. ožujka 2011.

Croatian beers

Pan is a Croatian lager beer, which is produced by Carlsberg Croatia. Refresh your day! Less bitter, but full taste, it is the best choice if you want to relax or just quench your thirst. Refresh and enjoy! Fastest growing brand on the Croatian market.

Discover a beer of a seductively golden shade that will win you over with a full and rich taste and finely caramelized roasty notes of the aroma, but that will also completely refresh you: Zlatni PAN.

A high quality pale lager beer from the first Croatain brewery with natural ingredients and water from our own wells. A brewing tradition in Osijek, over three centuries long, is dedicated to the production of the original Osječko pivo (beer from Osijek). The water from our own springs, the highest-quality barley, corn and hops and painstaking care, experience and the right dosage of Slavonian pride create the unique ingredients that, combined together, make this relaxing and refreshing beer. ABV dropped from 5% do 4.5% in 2010.

Ožujsko beer (Ožujsko pivo) is a Croatian marzen lager beer, which is produced by the Zagrebačka pivovara (Zagreb Brewery) since 1892. The brewery was acquired by Interbrew in 1994. It is the most consumed beer in its own country, a record for a marzen type beer. Ožujsko is currently the official sponsor of Croatian national football team.

Karlovačko is a popular beer in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is the signature product of brewer Karlovačka Pivovara, located in the city of Karlovac. It has an alcohol content of about 5.4 percent by volume. Its makers describe it as "golden-yellow" in color and "refreshingly" bitter in taste. It won a 2005 Brewing Industry International Award golden medal in the category of beers with 4.5 to 5.5 percent alcohol.

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