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ponedjeljak, 21. siječnja 2013.


Vegeta is an all-purpose food seasoning. It contains several types of dried vegetables in a unique and original combination of natural vegetables and spices.
Vegeta adds flavour to dishes and gives them a delicious taste. It accentuates the flavour of the main ingredients in all dishes. It enriches the aroma of dishes and can be used in a variety of ways.
Vegeta is added to dishes while cooking, roasting or marinating. It is used to enhance the flavour of meat, vegetables and other types of dishes.

Vegeta fans will surely be pleased to hear about the news coming from Podravka to store shelves - new glass dispenser for 400 g of this renowned universal food seasoning. In the last 50 years as it was launched to the market, Vegeta saw numerous innovations in design which changed its shapes and packaging materials, but the quality remained unique and unchanged. The harmony of several kinds of vegetables and spices improves every meal, so today Vegeta is an ingredient one cannot imagine cooking without. For years Vegeta refines the meals on all continents, and its great success is a result of constant investment into new technologies, production lines, product research and development.
You will easily recognize Vegeta in glass dispenser on the shelves because it retained its blue colour, the vegetables and the chef. With this new packaging Podravka rewards the trust and fidelity of the consumers who have been recognizing its added value for half a century and with much confidence they identify themselves with this renowned food seasoning as a part of their culinary tradition.

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