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ponedjeljak, 7. veljače 2011.


View to the Schlosser lodge from the Veliki Risnjak.

The Risnjak is a large mountain range in the Risnjak National Park, in Gorski Kotar, Croatia. It belongs to Dinaric Alps mountain range, but it also forms the border area and is a natural link between tha Alps and the Balkan mountains. The name of the massif probably comes from ris, the Croatian word for the lynx. Another interpretation suggests that it comes from the local word risje, which is a name for a type of grass.

The vegetation is very diverse. Thirty different plant communities have been recorded of which the most common are beech and fir forests (Fagetum illyricum abietotosum) which go up to 1240 m and then are replaced by sub-alpine beeches (Fagetum croaticum subalpinum). The highest vegetation is a belt of mountain pine (Pinetum mughi croaticum). The fauna is also diverse, but has been less well researched. There are particularly many species of birds and mammals, including several types of chamois, while since 1974 the area has once again been inhabited by the lis (lynx).

The highest peak of Risnjak mountain is Big (Veliki) Risnjak (1528 m), and it is also the highest peak in the Risnjak National Park, and the second in Gorski kotar next to Bjelolasica. On its southern slope is located the mountain lodge called Šloserov dom, built by Josip Schlosser. The peak can be reached only on foot, from Crni Lug (3 h) or from an unpaved road beginning in Gornje Jelenje (1 h).

The leading peaks of Risnjak mountain are: Big Risnjak (1528 m), Snježnik (1506 m), North Little Risnjak (1434 m) and Southern Small Risnjak (1448 m).

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