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nedjelja, 2. siječnja 2011.

Kopački Rit

Kopački Rit (Kopački Tršćak, Hungarian: Kopácsi rét), is a nature park in eastern Croatia. It is located northwest of the confluence of the Drava and the Danube, situated at the border with Serbia. It comprises many backwaters and ponds along the Danube. It is one of the most important, largest and most attractive preserved intact wetlands in Europe.

The vicinity of the big city of Osijek and its surroundings, as well as excellent communications (by road, railway, plane and ship) enable a high visiting rate. The beauty of "intact" nature, the multitude of waters, flora and fauna attract not only excursionists and visitors but also many experts and scientists from the whole of Europe.

A part of Kopački Rit has been designated as a special zoological reserve. Around 260 various bird species nest here (wild geese and ducks, Great White Egret, White Stork, Black Stork, White-tailed Eagle, crows, coots, gulls, terns, kingfishers, Green Woodpecker, etc.), and there are many other species using this area as a temporary shelter on migration from the northern, cooler regions to the southern, warmer areas and vice versa.

There are 40-odd fish species (pike, ide, tench, bream, carp, catfish, pike-perch, perch, etc.). Several various mammal species inhabit the land (red deer, roe deer, wild boar, wild cat, pine marten, stone marten, weasel, sable, otter, etc.). Rich plant life, typical of wetlands, is found also in Kopački Rit.

Guided tourist visits by panoramic ships, boats, team of horses or on foot are available. Some packages offer the possibility of photographing or video-recording animals, birds in particular.

Angling and hunting are allowed in certain parts of Kopački Rit, which are put under less strict protection.

The specialities of Kopački Rit (fish stew, grilled carp, venison, Belje wines, etc.) can be tasted in the nearby restaurant.

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  1. Yes Yan, it is very beautiful. If you ever come to Croatia, you must visit Kopački Rit and Baranja. Croatia is not only Adtriatic Sea.

  2. Of course; I see Croatia by photos and videos, so I know the country is not only the Adriatic Sea.., Is a wonderful and fascinant country, and when I'll go to there, I want know all in this wonderful place. :)

    (Please excuse my poor english x.x)

  3. Haha, my english in not very well too :)
    That's why i've started this blog... so the people can read all about croatian places and people.

  4. I've read this in the top ("By creating this site, my intention is to acquaint you more closely with the Croatia, its history, famous persons, cities, cuisine, natural beauty and other things..."). It's good, I hope you have success with the blog. :D

  5. Thanks :) And thanks for reading my blog.