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petak, 14. siječnja 2011.


Saint Therese of Avila Cathedral

Bjelovar is a city in central Croatia. It is the administrative centre of Bjelovar-Bilogora County. During the 2001 census, there were 41,869 inhabitants, 90.51% which are Croats. Bjelovar is one of the younger towns of Central Croatia, as it was first mentioned in 1413 and only gained importance when a new fort was built there in 1756. It was built on demand by empress Maria Theresa of Habsburgs. The initial role of the city was to defend central Croatia against the Ottoman invasions.

The town had to wait until the end of the wars to be pronounced a free royal town by ban Ivan Mažuranić in 1874.

Ancient history
Oldest Neolithic location of this area can be found in the suburban part of Bjelovar, named Ždralovi, where, while building a basement for the house of Josip Horvatić, a dugout was found and identified as part of the Starčevo culture (generally 5000 – 4300 b. C.) Findings from Ždralovi belong to a regional subtype of the final variant in the long process of development of that Neolithic culture. It is designated as Ždralovi facies of the Starčevo culture or the Starčevo - Final stages. There are also finding of Korenovo culture, Sopot culture, Lasinja culture and Vučedol culture.

Bjelovar is home to three memorial areas to soldiers. Memorial Area Barutana is dedicated to those who died defending the city on September 29, 1991 during the Croatian War of Independence; Memorial Area Lug is dedicated to Ustashi soldiers killed by Partisans in 1945 and Memorial Area Borik is dedicated to Partisans killed during the Second World War.

Bjelovar hosts the yearly theatre festival „BOK“ (Bjelovarski odjeci kazališta or Bjelovar Echoes of Theatre). The festival was founded and run by Bjelovar actor Goran Navojec and it gathers the selection of best plays performed in Croatia during previous year.

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